About us

SED LLP is registered on August 31, 2004 , as a Kazakhstan based legal entity (National Registration Certificate No 10100127544851 ) and renders services based on the Charter provisions. SED renders environmental, legal, geological, engineering and consulting services.

At present, our staff incorporates over 40 highly skilled professionals. Our Company successfully participates in numerous projects for various business sectors. SED carries out continuous monitoring for new regulations, manuals, standards and instructions. Our specialists regularily update database of the regulations including the guidance documents. All SED LLP staff is equipped with the LAN-incorporated computers. Deliverables i.e. reports and technical project documentation is always of a high printing quality in Razakh, English and Russian. SED LLPís quality management system is implemented and followed by all company divisions.

The fundamental principles of the Company:


  • Strict compliance with the Kazakhstan legislation requirements, as well as the regulations and the standards in the field.
  • Compliance with the special requirements of our Customers
  • Compliance with the international provisions and principles, as well as procedures regarding SED activity
  • Compliance with internal standards and procedures
  • Compliance with the international standards.

SEDís highest priority is to establishing safe working conditions, as well as health and environment protection systems.

Our Company has developed and implemented the HSE management system, including:

  • Safety training for the employees
  • Safety measures for all activity types
  • Assessment of possible risks and the mitigation actions
  • Safety compliance monitoring for all divisions
SED provides the employer liability obligatory insurance for the employees' lives and health occupational damage.