Development of «Environment Protection», «Environment Impact Assessment» documents includes elaboration of satndards abd norms for contaminating substances emissions into atmospheric air (MPE), discharge of contaminating substances into water reservoirs (MPD) and consumption and industrial wates. Documentation and reports are developed at a high quality level by qualified professionals employed with our company, who have extensive experience in ecological engineering. For the last 5 years our professionals successfully elaborated over 200 projects in ecological engineering and norms development. SED LLC is successfully cooperating with Neftegaz-Monitoring CJSC Company (Russian Federation, Volgograd) in the Development of process designs for onshore and offshore well construction. In association with Octopus CJSC, SED LLC has developed a number of well construction projects for the following companies including Zhambyl Petroleum LLP, Buzachi Oil Operating, Satpayev Operaiting, and CMOK(CMOC).


CJSC Intergas Central Asia – MPE Standards projects have been developed almost for the whole area of RoK: Mangystau, Atyray, West Kazakhstan , Aktyubinsk , South Kazakhstan , Zhambyl and Almaty regions.
CJSC KazTransOil . Western branch
OJSC Mangistaumunaigaz, PO Kalamkasmunaigas, oil field
OJSC Tolkynneftegaz, Tolkyn and Tabyl gas condensate field
LLP MAEK - Kazatomprom, Inventory of greenhouse gases emissions and consmption of ozone depleting substances, project of standards of air pollutant emissions MPE.
Karachaganak Petroleum Operaiting B.V. Development of MPE Limits Project for export pipeline KPC-Bolshoi Chagan for 2016-2020 years.
LLP Atyray Oil Refinery,Inventory of green house gases emission sources and development of proposals based on the results of inventory at AOR LLP facilities
In MPE projects development we apply mathematic simulation of pollutant distribution processes in the surface layer of the atmosphere. Our professionals employ for this purpose «ERA», version 1.7 specialized software. Mapping is performed based on GIC technologies: ArcInfo, ArcGIS 7.0, MapInfo 9.0.


LLP Tengizshevroil, Specific standards of water consumtion and water disposal per unit of product.
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. Company. Development of KOGCF MPD limits project for contaminants injected with wasterwater into subsurface formations for 2016-2017
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. Company. Development of KOGCF MPD limits project for contaminants discharget with wasterwater into evaporation pond and local terrain of KPC-Atyrau terminal OPS Export pipeline for 2016-2017
CJSC Intergas Central Asia – for Mangystau and Atyrau regions
CJSC KazTransOil. Western branch
OJSC Donskoi GOK, branch of JSC TNC Kazkhrom
OJSC Uzenmunaigaz
LLP Ken Sary, Project of standards of MPD of polutants disposed of with wasterwater to the evaporation ponds at the Arystanovskoe field
LLP Atyray Oil Refinery,Specific standards of water consumtion and water disposal per unit of product


LLP Kazpolmunai. Project of waste handling standards
LLP Tolkynneftegaz. Project of waste handling standards
N.V.North Caspian Operaiting Company. waste Management Program Development for NCOC onshore and offshore facilities
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. Development of waste limits Project for KOGCF and for Export pipeline KPC-Bolshoi Chagan-Atyrau (West Kazakhstan oblast) for 2016-2017.

LLP TengizChevroil – injection of industrial waste waters into subsurface aquifers
OJSC Mangistaumunaizholdary - bitumen 500 tonnes capacity storage for road construction
LLP TengizChevroil – Modernization of nitrogen and oxygen generating plant
LLP TengizChevroil – estimation of oil reserves
N.V. North Caspian Operating Company – Environmental Chapter development for Trunkline dewatering intrafield piping works above ground level at the intersection with communications and other pipelines 2015
OJSC Mangistaumunaigaz – Aktau Sea Water Desalinization Plant
LLP TengizChevroil – Medical and ecological researches around Kulsary, Sarykamys and Akkisctogai villages - «Analysis of potential influence of industrial emissions on quality of Zhylyoi regional air basin» and «Assessment of hydroeconomic activity of Zhylyoi region».


Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V. Company
Water supply (consumption) and disposal balance for all sites.
LLP TengizChevroil\
Pollutants norms in waste waters concerning a project «Injection of industrial waste waters into subsurface aquifer for TCO». This work had eliminated penalty and excessive payments.
OJSC Tolkynneftegaz, CJSC JV Kazpolmunai
Development of documents to obtain Nature Use Permit for 2004.
AGIP Kazakhstan North Caspian Operaiting Company H.B.
Inventory of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP) sources at Company Industrial Facilities in Atyrau and Mangistay
North Caspian Operaiting Company H.V.
Caspian Sea shoreline dynamics materials summary and presentation preparation.
North Caspian Operaiting Company H.V.
Technical Project Development for soil and ground water cleaning and restoration at the site polluted as a result of diesel spill at Bonatti Base. Development of EIA project 2015.

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