Services .

At present «SED» LLP renders serives in ecology, geology and legal support spheres:
Our company renders any type of offshore/onshore ecological surveys – Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), baseline ecological survey, existing environment condition, industrial and production monitoring, radioactivity survey. Ecological engineering includes development of all norms – maximum permissible emissions (MPE), maximum permissible discharge (MPD), standards and calculations for wastes accumulation and disposal. Besides, our company performs ecological audit inclusive of the one required for obligatory ecological insurance.

In geology our company renders the following services – Feasibility Study and TPD to drill single and group wells, seismic, electric exploration operations and other types of geological exploration; development of site survey programs (engineering and geological survey program), estimation of reserves for various fields, elaboration of reports.
As legal support we render assistance to Nature and Subsoil users, develop Subsoil Use Contracts, Permitting Matrixes and further on obtain required Permits and Licenses,render consultancy.

Our company executes projects based on provisions of Quality Management System:
I. Environment protection:
• Projects in ecological engineering and standardization, ecological expertise and surveys;
• Engineering of industrial, explosive and mining production, gas-and-oil pipelines;
• Design and engineering for capital construction;
• Radio-ecological surveys;
• Author's supervision of the developed projects.

II. Geology and Subsoil Use:
• Develoment of projects for geological exploration for clients involved into exploration and production;
• Expertise and review of the projects for geological exploration works and reports;
• Estimation of reserves for raw minerals and legal support in RoK State Reserves Committee;
• Assisstance in elaboration of plans for mining development;
• Permitting for artesian wells drilling;
• Statistic reporting based on LKU forms (license-contractual conditions).

III. Legal Support:
• Development of tender documentation to acquire Subsoil Use Rights (Permit);
• Drafting all types of Contracts for Subsoil Use, inclusive of the Contracts for Production and Produc Sharing Agreements, Construction and/or exploitation of subsurface installations/structures not involved into Exploration and/or Production;
• Representation of the client's interests in state authorities to approve contract drafts on Subsoil Use, to obtain approvals of required expertises and secure positive conclusions;
• Consultancy on Subsoil Use Licenses; consultancy on taxation and payments to the budget, legal aspects of subsoil use, including full legal support of the subsoil users under their contracts,consultancy at the stage of expertise of investment applications and subsoil use contracts development;
• Execution of the Subsoil Use Rights to another User, inclusive of the Subsoil Use Rights pledge;
• Supervision and control of the proper execution of the contractual obligation on behalf of the client and representation of the client's interests in controlling state bodie, etc.

IV. SED LLP Environmental Surveys Test Laboratory:
• SED LLP Environmental Surveys Test Laboratory (ES TL) is currently fit with the equipment applying advanced express testing techniques when conducting all types of the environmental surveys both under the field conditions onshore and offshore and in the work area of the businesses;
• In the framework of accreditation using ISO/MEK 17025-2007 RoK ST, the ES TL procedures are fully integrated to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 management systems of SED LLP;
• Considering constantly upgrading quality of the surveys conducted with a representative level, in its practice, the ES TL is applying not only standards and regulatory documents listed on the RoK National Standards Register, but also the international standards of ISO including accounting records in the RoK International Standards Register with the right to apply them. They include as follows:
• ISO 5667 series Water quality. (parts 3,6,9,11,12,15 and 19);
• ISO 23893-1 Water quality. Biochemical and physiological measurements of fish;
• ISO 16665-2014. Water quality. Guidelines to quantitative sampling and processing of samples of marine soft-soil macrofauna.
• DIN EN 14962-2006 Water quality. Guidelines for distribution and selection of fish sampling techniques;
• All test equipment is passing annual validation. It is also certified for acknowledgement or attestation of metering facilities type and is listed on the registers of the National Measurement Assurance Syatem of the RoK;
• In the laboratory, a special attention is paid to a constant improvement of skills of the employees who has got certificates of access to conduct all types of the environmental surveys and monitoring in compliance with all requirements of HSE with the application of sampling and test equipment;

Rendering services to our clinets, we, «SED» LLP company adhere principles of confidentiality and flexible reimbursement and payments, which allows locating mutually beneficial slution of financial issues. Our acquired extensive experience and intellectual potential help us to execute any production or administrative tasks of our clients with minimum of expenses with guarantees of high quality and timely manner in regard to deliverables.